Candidate Information
Job Description
Job Title:  Director Ethics, Integrity & Standards
Posting Start Date:  5/28/24
Job Description: 

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Organization Information

Reports to: Chairperson
Directorate/Department/Organ: Ethics, Integrity & Standards
Number of Direct Reports: 4
Number of Indirect Reports: 14
Job Grade: D1
Number of Positions: 1
Contract Type: Regular
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Purpose of Job

To provide strategic direction and leadership in managing the operations for the effective management of ethical matters and issues through confidential ethical advice.

Main Functions

  • Develops and executes the overall strategy for the department and ensures alignment with overall organizational strategy; 
  • Manages and supervises employees within the directorate, ensures the timely delivery of the directorate’s goals and effective staff performance evaluation;
  • Drives the implementation and monitoring of policies, strategies and programs to contribute to the effective implementation of relevant AU Decisions;
  • Ensures the delivery of the directorate’s annual targets in line with the organization’s overall goals and maintains robust departmental monitoring and evaluation systems;
  • Provides technical leadership and ensures efficient functioning of all Divisions within the department/directorate; 
  • Manages the work of the Department/Directorate and supervises direct reports to ensure their effective performance in line with the organization’s performance management policy and system; 
  • Leads the directorate/department and ensures effective management of personnel, budget, performance, quality, employees relations matters and training in conformity with relevant rules, policies and procedures; 
  • Develops and maintains operating rules and procedures; 
  • Ensures business continuity to address unforeseen circumstances; 
  • Builds and maintains good working relations and collaboration with other directorates/departments; 
  • Develops and maintains regular working relations with senior stakeholders in Member State and partner institution; 
  • Coordinates meetings between the organization and relevant partners; 
  • Ensures the preparation of periodic financial and budget execution reports and other reports; 
  • Ensures the effective management of funds contributed to the organization; 
  • Implements thematic partnerships in support of the mandate of the Directorate; 
  • Develops and oversees policy development and guidelines in line with the organization’s legal framework; 
  • Designs policies consistent with the AU’s goals and mandate in order to address the pertinent issues in the relevant area; 
  • Manages risks and recommends mitigation strategies; 
  • Prepares and oversees integrated programs, projects and overall activities of the directorate.

Specific Responsibilities

The Director’s duties will include:

  • Provides ethical advice to Staff and Management in a confidential basis in line with the Organization values, Code of Conduct, Regulations and Rules
  • Manages the implementation of ethical policies and guidelines in all Union Organs and offices trough awareness sessions and sensitization of Staff members and Senior Management 
  • Provide Ethical Leadership training to Management 
  • Coordinates the provision of administrative and budgetary support to autonomous offices within the Directorate - the Administrative Tribunal, Ombudsman and Disciplinary Board. 
  • Develops and implements relevant rules, policies and procedures for the Ethics office
  • Ensures the management of the Ethics Office personnel, budget, performance, quality, and training in conformity with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and other relevant rules and procedures in force.
  • Determines and executes in collaboration with the Heads of the Autonomous Offices within the Directorate an overall strategy for the administration of justice in all Union Organs.
  • Leads and directs compliance issues and the proper implementation of policies approved by the Commission. 
  • Prepares and supports integrated programs of overall activities of the Directorate.
  • Builds and maintains a strategic plan to foster good working relations with the Administrative Tribunal, Ombudsman and Disciplinary Board as well as other Directorates and offices. 
  • Maintains and respects the independent technical functioning of the Administrative Tribunal, Ombudsman and Disciplinary Board;
  • Develops and maintains regular working relations with top level stakeholders in all Union Organs, Offices and partners.
  • Organizes the coordination of meetings between the AUC and other Organs, agencies and relevant offices in its area of operation.
  • Prepares periodic financial and budget execution reports and annual financial statements for the Ethics Office and provides support and guidance to Administrative Tribunal, Disciplinary Board and Ombudsman in doing the same.
  • Initiates and takes necessary actions to ensure availability of funds for the operation of the Directorate. Proposes relevant training programs for staff to enhance their efficiency. 
  • Promotes awareness and training programs of policies approved by the Commission. 
  • Ensures the preparation and submission of annual reports of the Ethics office to the PRC through the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.
  • Conducts goal setting and periodic performance evaluation of ethics staff members and supervises the other offices to do the same in a timely manner.


The Director’s specific responsibilities will cover the following:

  • Promotes ethical compliance and standards of AU Values within the Union Organs.
  • Advises the Chairperson and Heads of all organs and offices on ethical matters 
  • Develops, initiates, maintains, and revises policies and procedures for the general operation of the Ethics Program and its related activities in order to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.
  • Manages the day-to-day operation of the Ethics Office 
  • Collaborates with other departments (e.g., Legal Counsel, Internal Audit, Administration and Human Resource, etc.) in ensuring compliance with the Code of ethics and Conduct, regulations and rules. 
  • Promotes confidentiality and executes responsibilities in a prudent and judicious manner 
  • Manages the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the core values of the Commission, as specified in the Code
  • Cooperates with the Office of the Legal Counsel and other concerned units of the African Union to draft relevant policies
  • Manages and implements the Harassment policy and system
  • Receives, inquires and address ethics related complaints from all Union Organs 
  • Provides guidance to AUC management, and managements of other AU organs in ensuring  that rules, policies, procedures and practices are implemented and adhered to with the highest standards of integrity
  • Provides confidential advice and guidance to staff and Elected Officials on ethical issues, (e.g., conflicts of interest)
  • Supports services in the assessment of organizational risk related to misconduct and non-compliance of the Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Monitors program performance and supports periodic measurements of program effectiveness
  • Ensures confidentiality and protection of staff against retaliation for reporting misconduct and for cooperating with duly authorized audits or investigations
  • Participates in management meetings and provide ethical advice
  • Supports services in the execution of the mandatory ethics training program
  • Manages the yearly ethics training certification by staff and Elected Officials and report to the Chairperson accordingly 
  • Promotes staff awareness on ethical standards and behavior
  • Manages the implementation of the program including the gift and financial disclosure program
  • Prepares periodic reports on the status of implementation of the Code of Ethics and Conducts and relevant policies and guidelines. 
  • Manages the performance of staff in the Ethics Office.
  • Prepares and submits Annual Ethics Report to the PRC through the Chairperson 
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the  superviser.

Academic Requirements and Relevant Experience

•    A Master’s Degree in Law, Public Policy, Public Administration with 15 years relevant work experience out of which 8 years should be at a managerial level and 5 years need to be in a supervisory role. 

Required Skills

  • Leadership skills 
  • Ability to achieve documented objectives and meet timelines 
  • Interpersonal and negotiation skills: Ability to work effectively with people from various backgrounds and create an environment where diversity is respected 
  • Communication, presentation and report writing skills 
  • Computer literacy 
  • Ability to work in teams 
  • Proficiency in one of the AU official working languages (French, English, Portuguese, Arabic) and  fluency in another AU language(s) is an added advantage

Leadership Competencies

Strategic Focus
Developing Organisational Capability
Change Leadership
Strategic Risk Management

Core Competencies

Building Relationships
Drives Accountability Culture
Learning Orientation
Communicating with impact

Functional Competencies

Conceptual Thinking
Job Knowledge and information sharing
Drive for Results
Fosters Innovation
Information at a Glance
Req Id:  2282
Job Title:  Director Ethics, Integrity & Standards
Job Title:  Director Ethics, Integrity & Standards
Job Grade:  D01
Employee Class:  Regular
Number of Openings:  1
Posting Date:  May 28, 2024
End Date:  June 28, 2024
AU Organ:  The African Union Commission